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When will my product ship?

We ship our products within one business day and some are shipped the same day. If purchased after 10 AM ET, it will most likely ship the next day since our outgoing shipments have already been picked up.

Please make sure the shipping address for your order is the correct address for delivery. If the order is returned to us for “insufficient” or “undeliverable” address we will try to contact you to resolve it, and a second shipping charge may be applied to have it sent back out.

Where’s my bumper grille and how do I track it?

Most M2M products are delivered by UPS domestic or International SurePost delivery Service. The tracking number should be in your inbox confirming the order (or, in your spam or junk folder if your e-mail server doesn’t know us yet.)

My tracking number on the UPS website says “label created” or “awaiting arrival” – Did you even ship it out YET!?!

If it's within an hour of your order, or on the weekend, probably not, BUT it will be shipped.

If it’s been a day (weekday) and you’re checking, YES, we did. We’ve learned that the good folks at UPS might miss scanning one or two shipments. Good news is, the bumper grille is still on it’s way; Bad news, you won’t be able to track it until it’s delivered. Bummer, we know, and our good humans at UPS try hard not to let this happen.

Does Mountains2Metal do custom orders?

Yes we do. Please send an email to with a brief description of your design intent or fill out the contact form.

Do the Chevy bumper inserts fit the GMC trucks or Vice Versa?

NO. No they will not fit. The bumpers are very different as well as the hardware and parts needed to make the insert work with that bumper.

Does my Chevy grille insert come with Black Hardware? I saw where some of your pictures show silver.

Yes. The Chevy inserts come with Black Stainless Steel hardware as well as non painted Stainless Steel. If you would like to use the non painted bolts, just substitute the black bolts to hold on the brackets.

Do I need to remove my bumper or my grille to install the grille insert?

No. Our bumper grille insert products do not require the removal of your grille or bumper. (Chevy, GMC, Ram, and Ford).

Is there drilling required to install my bumper grille insert?

No Drilling Required.

What is Brushed Stainless Steel Finish?

Our brushed stainless steel finish is a #3 finish that has also been through a secondary belt sanding process to polished and bring out the shine.

Do you offer Chrome Finish?

Sorry, at this time we currently do not offer chrome as a finish. The Brushed Stainless finish is the closest we offer.

I ordered Stainless Steel and you sent me a Black part!

Please pay attention to the part you are ordering. This often happens with our Chevy and GMC parts. The part the customer received is STAINLESS STEEL but the customer ordered a powder coated black version. A part number that ends in “-3” is the brushed stainless steel finish.

I ordered a Mountains2Metal product from “Insert Name” and it is missing hardware or a bracket. Can you send them to me?

This happens most often when a part is returned by a previous customer who fails to place all the items back in the box. This results in an incomplete package and you may not be able to install the product. Please contact the vendor that you purchased the Mountains2Metal product from and let them know. We can step in if needed. We strive to make sure all of our Mountains2Metal products are completely packaged before they leave our facility.

What do I do if I didn't receive the proper amount of hardware?

Double check the packaging, sometimes the hardware gets over looked in the bubble wrap. If you already did this and still don't see it, please email us at , we are happy to help get you what you are missing.