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Flip Down Attic Shelf - FACTORY Speaker Compatible

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M2M Flip Down Attic Shelf - Factory Speaker Compatible BRONCO 6G

*Only compatible with the 4 Door Bronco 6G factory speakers*
(If you have aftermarket large speakers, click here.)


Bolt Holes Need:

Looking for some "TOP-SHELF" storage? Our Flip Down Attic Shelf is what you want! Up high and out of the way, easy access and compact for all your adventures. Store your rope, air system, recovery & camping gear, light ranger, bungee cords and much more! 

-Patent Pending!
-Made in the USA!
-14ga HRPO Steel
-Works with both hard and soft top *Not compatible with Bestop*
-Only compatible with years '21.5+ (must have threaded holes on your roll bar)
-Only compatible with 4 Door
-Utilizes factory bolts and holes.
-Powder Coated Black
-Patent Pending!! 
Notes About Use: Everyone will use this attic tray differently. Please secure whatever you put inside with nuts,bolts,bungees,straps,etc. When you do want to let the attic tray fold down, we do not recommend doing both latches at the same time. Unlatch one side, support the tray with your free hand, and then unlatch the other side while guiding the tray down to the bump stops. This is the safest and easiest way to lower the shelf.
Install Video by 1Five1 Garage!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review